About W&W

About Whiskey & Wolf
Whiskey & Wolf was started in Canada in 2020. Bonded over their shared love of motorcycles, classic cars, and tattoos - the brand and the founder matched perfectly. They both belonged to the outdoors and wanted to create a brand that reflected their lifestyle. It was decided to name the brand Whiskey & Wolf because it represented the passions perfectly. In 2022, the brand was moved to new owners based in London, UK and now supply customers in Canada, USA, UK and Ireland to name but a few locations.

W&W started out by designing and selling T-shirts and hoodies online. The products quickly gained a following among motorcycle enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. They soon expanded into making leather goods, such as wallets and purses.
About Whiskey & Wolf
A classic vibe with a modern feel. Our apparel, headwear & accessories are built for the daily adventure. We've designed our products to be classic, simple, rugged and long-lasting.

Our leather goods are all crafted by hand in our workshop. We only work with premium leathers to ensure our products will last as long as you own them, and will only look better with age.
Whiskey & Wolf

We produce our apparel, headwear and leather goods in small batches so we can inspect each item before it makes its way into your hands, because we believe that quality and small details matter. 

Whiskey & Wolf is now a well-known brand among motorcycle riders and outdoor enthusiasts. It has become a symbol of freedom and adventure.

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