handcrafted black leather slim bifold wallet

Handcrafted Leather Carry Goods

When we started Whiskey & Wolf Supply Co. our goal was to make the best quality handmade leather carry goods and not compromise on quality. Because of this, we decided to only work with the finest leather hides to ensure our products will last as long as you own them, and will only look better with age. 
Whiskey & Wolf Wallet and Key ClipAll of our leather products are created by hand, one-at-a-time in our workshop. Every cut, stitch, hole, burnish and stamp are all made by hand, by a single maker.  Whiskey & Wolf Black Key Clip

What kind of leather do we use?
After testing many types of leather we've decided to use Horween and Wickett & Craig for our leather products. We love both the quality and consistency of these leathers and find them enjoyable to work with.

You can find out more information on both Horween and Wickett & Craig here: 

Why are W&W leather products different?
We focus on creating leather products that are classic, simple, rugged and long-lasting. We use thick 5-6oz leather for our wallets and key clips. This means our bifold wallets are thicker than other wallets, but we want our products to last, and stand up to whatever you put them through.
Whiskey & Wolf Key Clip

Our leather products are built to last and travel with you anywhere.

For more information on our best selling leather products, visit our product pages:

Classic Leather Key Clip (Tan)

Classic Leather Key Clip (Black)

Bifold Thick Wallet (Tan)

Bifold Thick Wallet (Black)

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